Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year Mess'age'

As I see a slew of posts, reviews and recaps of 2011, for me, 2012 began in an unexpected way. Though I rather prefer the "Joy of Silence" on New Year's eve and even after that, this time it turned out to be "Joy of sound, mess and more". 
On 31st night, I had spent most of my time at office, given my profession and the unusual timings that go with it. I was sleepy, down with fever and more importantly, hungry. My colleagues at office were kind enough not to send me home hungry and offered me a samosa, which I ate shamelessly. Though I was invited for a party at my friend's place, I wasn't sure whether I was going for it, until I got out of the office. Finally, while I was walking on the road at 10.30 pm in the night, I was taken aback by someone who called me 'randy'. I thought I it was my premonition. I heard that MAN call me 'randy' again. I thought of reacting to his statement, but given the mood people would be in on that night, I let it go. And, I assumed that one of the reasons he called me that was because that area is full of prostitutes after 10 pm and may be, he just felt I was one among them. This was first of the many jolts I received on that day. 
After this, I had decided to go to my friend's house party. I took an auto and couldn't get out of the 'randy shock' even while I was on my way to friend's place. I reached the place and tried to be as composed as possible, restricting myself from swinging to the pounding beats. However, many people tried to drag me in, but I still was comfortable in my own shoes. 
My friend's repeatedly kept telling me to enjoy the party while I was under the assumption that I would not get drunk at the party. I was very sure that I would just be fine throughout. But, that didn't really happen.  At first, I didn't really speak to anyone at the party, as and when I kept guzzling Vodka, I began knowing people and eventually knew everyone around. This was not all. I began throwing up. I felt terrible, embarrassed and a lot more. May be, because it was the first time I was drinking so much at once go and couldn't take it all.  
Emabarrassing because I never wanted to get drunk in front of people I hardly knew. Also, because my very own friends were shocked to see me booze. With that disaster, my friend's aspersions were all shunned and they were left with nothing but helping me whenever I puked.  I was feeling guilty on one side, and happy on the other. Though I knew why I was guilty, I did not know the reason for my happiness. I experienced two different emotions at the same time. Strange as it sounds, my friends helped be come back to normal state, though I do not remember what I uttered. Alcohol took a toll on me but I was trying hard not to sleep and stay composed. Yes, even when I was high. 
All these were like jolts one after another, making me realize what I would turn into when I get drunk. The Hangover was bad. And, I had promised to myself that I would never drink again and that was my last. I felt good for celebrating New Year  with some of the most important people in my life but on the other it turned out to be adventurous for a girl who never wanted to reveal that side of her which she had. That too to strangers. 
Though I'm partially guilty for being so sloshed, am happy I tried it for once and would never do it again. Here's wishing you a very happy and 'you should get all you want' New Year :):)
Stay happy, stay safe :) 

Love and Hugs :)