Thursday, December 10, 2009

All for one.. ONE for all????

There's pandemonium everywhere... lots of confusion, protests in the state from all the three regions (Andhra, Telangana and Rayalaseema), cases of self-immolation, Police beating up students (which they actually are not), Students pelting stones at public property, setting RTC buses on fire,...all in all CHAOS!!! (I mean it sounds like how *JOKER (heath ledger) said it in DARK KNIGHT).
On the other hand, the Telangana Rasthra Samithi (TRS) which came into existence in 2001 has been demanding for a seperate state of telangana for various reasons. KCR being the vanguarding part of this movement has taken a resolution to fast-unto-death for a seperate statehood. Meanwhile, there have been protests all over Hyderabad...the govt declared bandh, the TRS activists creating problems to public and have vanadalised the public property.They have only become *evil-er* in the eyes of people. Now you call them students?? Who they actually are not...they belong to the student unions (ABVP,JAC, etc), they have been residing in the OU hostels even after they were asked to vacate them after their graduation...Most of them being the so called "unemployed men". But, these *students* are given Rs.400/500 per day which they think is their pocket money for the day...and their job being : Pelting stones on shops, hitting people, stopping vehicles and asking them to scream "JAI TELANGANA" !! They are given food and a bottle of liquor....What else does one want when he is given money, food n liquor for doing almost nothing.... Okay now, let's accept the fact that they are ardently wishing Telangana to be given away. But, do they (TRS) even know the after effects of giving away a seperate state ? Have they thought of all that before starting their agitation?
If Telangana is declared as a seperate state:
  • The water supply that comes to Nagarjuna Sagar (under the Telangana region) will have no water because the water flows from Tungabadhra (under the Rayalaseema region) This can be stopped completely.
  • The water to Manjeera (under the telangana region) flows from Krishna (under the Andhra region). This can be stopped too.
  • Inter-state taxes will definitely increase.
  • Because Telangana doesn't have many shrines or visiting places, Telangana people will indirectly make the other states rich. ( Ex: Tirupathi in Rayalaseema region a religious shrine)
  • Education, illiteracy, poverty and other problems mostly prevail in the Telangana region.
  • Unemployment is maximum among Telangana people.
  • Power supply from NTPC is under the Central Govt's control, so the power also has to be shared.
  • When there's no water, there will be no food coz lack of water for irrigation and agriculture. People will start starving.
And Another point, Telangana cannot be given away including Hyderabad. Becoz Hyderabad is the most developed in the telangana region and most of the MP's, MLA's properties belong here. Apart from that, there've been almost 60% of Andhraiites in Hyd and approximately ...15-20% of Telangana people are hardly there. And....If telangana ppl demand for a seperate state, Andhra people will do the same and same goes with people in the Rayalaseema region. Now when people of these three regions have their own demands from the Central Govt...Why can't muslims in Hyderabad demand for a seperate Nizam state? Isn't that a possibility? It is....
After Congress's serious meeting with the AP CM Rosaiah and other cabinet ministers...Chidambaran said that they have agreed to initiate the process to pass a bill in the legislative assembly for a seperate state of telangana. (Almost a seven-step process).
The very next morning.....beginning with MP Lagadapati Rajagopal, 100+ MP's, MLA's and MLC's have resigned to their posts and .....Now who'z gonna support Telangana?
The TRS MLA's ??? Or the Congress MLA's who belong to the telangana region???
None or One (KCR)??.......becoz these MLA's do not want to lose their post, their priveleges, their facilities, allowances and transportation that Govt provides them. And they (T People) blame Potti Sri Ramulu who fought for a seperate state of AP 400 yrs ago, in which we all are presently living.....Wat crap?? Yes exactly....!!! That's how it is.....preposterous is the exact word..After everything is done...they say "ITS MINE???".!!!
Hyderabad being a union territory would be an option....which would boost foreign investments, IT sector and globalisation of Hyd wud take advantage in that way....!!! But what about the crores of properties of MP's and MLA's..?? wud they let go off their hard-earned money (or black money too?) Nooooooo.....Isnt it???

Now...What?? As soon as Chidambaran has said that....Gorkhaland in West bengal wants to be a seperate state same is with Bodoland in Assam ,Vidarbha in Maharashtra, Khaalistan in Punjab and Suarashtra in Gujrat....!!! sooooo.........Hasn't Congress created problems for itself??? If telangana will be given.....will the other states also be divided?? Who actually wants the Telangana? KCR ? ....only???
After all this....who would want a seperate state? Sonia..It doesn't matter to her at all?? KCR...Why? to become the CM...and do what?? drink n DIE???!!! If telangana is given away without will become the most backward state of India facing utmost crisis and then later repent for being left out.

Bottom Line : No " Jai Telangana" ......Only
" JAI ANDHRA PRADESH" (The whole of it)!!!!

*Note* : This is not to bring out any communal or anti-social feelings among people, but it's just my opinion!!!! I just hope TRS people were sensible enough to understand things in detail than to just stage protests and create havoc.

" Cultural differences should not separate us from each other, but rather cultural diversity brings a collective strength that can benefit all of humanity."
-- Robert Alan

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Our only home.....

"First impression is the best impression" and that's what people say. Ohhh....I'm not talking about how best you look on your date or how sexily you've dressed up to go to the prom or win the title of a homecoming queen...But would you ever wanna give a clueless expression in a party and feel outta place? Or may b wear a "footy" jersey to a royal ball?? Or would you give a look at the surroundings..atleast once?? I know, I know...Now you'd just say why would I give a damn to the surroundings...OR would you? Just have food, party hard, rock the dance floor, litter the place...that is all we gotta do.
Why are we so careless about our surroundings (I mean in all ways)? We use plastic bags, we are the cause for alarming emission rates of greenhouse gases and other poisonous gases, we pollute the water by releasing chemicals from industries into the nearby lake, We cut down trees, We exploit natural resources, we do not conserve energy, we use appliances that emit "CFC's, Population explosion.....and what not!!! Did you know that " WE ARE HALF-A-CENTURY AWAY FROM BEING ECOLOGICALLY AND ECONOMICALLY BANKRUPT BECAUSE OF GLOBAL WARMING??......SAVE EARTH - OUR ONLY HOME " (Unless NASA discovers another planet similar to earth and also people who are just like Us :P)
May be if we could do our part in protecting the would remain a great help for the generations to come and for them to live longer (Without Acid rains or Skin cancer due to exposure to U.V rays through the Ozone holes in the Ozone layer of the stratosphere).

Here are some things you could least do:
  • Use paper bags.
  • Do not throw away trash on roads or public places. (There's always a dustbin asking you to "USE ME").
  • Walk or use cycle to travel to nearby places. (Would be good for health too)
  • Use paper bags, plates and disposable stuff when you go for picnics or outing.
  • Stop smoking (You are polluting the environment as well as "YOURSELF and others too - through passive smoking")
  • After you return from your outing, dump the trash into your trash can . Else you gotta bear the stench (:P).

Friday, September 25, 2009

Its like...a kinda dream come true!!

Thanks to THE HINDU...i just cant express how i feel about seeing my name in the newspaper i always wanted to be a part of. 1st article got published n that's the reason for my happiness. It might seem funny to some people, some might feel i'm exaggerating, some might feel i'm too stupid to get excited for such a small thing...but have dreamt of being a part of THE HINDU...atleast once!! n here i'm....saying proudly that i'm a part of this intellectual newspaper organisation in India....n proud to be so.
All thanks to for giving me the chance as a content writer and an interviewer for their website. It provided me a lead in to enhance my skill set and write better.
Here's the link :

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

HUMANTIY....Our Religion???

In a world where there are conflicts over caste, race, gender, politics, religion and several other issues, I wonder if there is something called "Humanity" alive in human beings today.
I was waiting for a bus at secunderabad station and passed by an old man wearing rugged and torn clothes, holding a stick, leaning against a "PAN"-spat wall. There was a small tumbler beside him where i could see few coins in it. He wasn't begging shouting "ammmaaaa ayyyyaaaaa baabbuuuuu" or something. All he was doing is just sitting and looking at people who are busy running to get into those crowded buses. There was all chaos and i was waiitng to see if atleast one person from the crowd bothered to look at him or even smile at him. But none turned up....that was when i just reliased about how people run after money or materialistic pleasures in this so called "Technologically adavanced" world ...that they don't care even if their negihbour dies on the road.
They talk about U.S's technology, India developing , On Indian Politics and lecture people or give lengthy speeches on such things, but they dont go beyond that. They limit themselves to speeches n lectures and their concern remains only till the end of their speech......after that "tata- bye bye"!! Duhh!!!
Ok.....Now consider this - If we see a dog mourning in pain on road, How many of us would rush to the spot to save the dog? by not thinking...."ohhh c'mon.. It's just a dog"!! Why is it that we forget that even dog has something called "LIFE"!!! This single example is enough to show how "HUMANE" you are.
Similarly, if anyone among the crowd bothered to go talk to the old man or smiled at him, that would have made his meals for the day.
We all talk n shout about "MY Religion" has taught me this , my religion has taught me that.....But "YOUR" religion doesn't teach you how to pray to only one god or discriminate people by the way they look, talk, act or anything...But every religion teaches about how to live with one another happily and peacefully in life....And That is called "HUMANITY"!!

No wonder someone once said...."Humans are the worst creatures living on the earth". Social animals are turning into wild animals due to Ego, status, impatience,violence and what not.....
Now you question yourself about...."HOW HUMANE ARE YOU??"
( Don't u think there shud b a facebook quiz on this... lolzz :P:P)

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Be it the UPA or the NDA...or be it the Third Front or the Fourth front...Political parties and its members have become so preposterous that there is no room in their "khopdi" to mull over "PEOPLE"!! Every politician or a citizen calls INDIA ,the world's largest and vibrant democracy in the world, as the Indian constitution states..."It is a government.. for the people, of the people and by the people"....But today's politicians have completely wiped "PEOPLE" off their muddy heads. It is people who are getting their A** screwed.
For Ex:- Rahul Gandhi has crticized Chandrababu Naidu of being negligent about the rural AP...later  his verdict became sanguine calling Chandrababu Naidu a capable CM for bringing a drastic change and developing the IT sector. Similarly, He made derogatory statements against Nitish Kumar about him being incapable in Bihar...later he corrects his statement calling Nitish Kumar another dedicated man to his service in the state. Does Rahul Gandhi even know what he is talking about? Or is it just to pretend like  another sober, courteous natty neta to gain votes?? Or is it the "GANDHI" brand that makes him say anything he can because he is the next politicial inheritor of the prestigious Gandhi family and Sonia "Ben's" only 'Eklauta' son?? The situation is dire for Congress as they don't have any option than the so called "GANDHI" family. It is only coz of this family's name that people have to undergo a bludgeoning situation in the country.
Similarly, Take the THIRD FRONT......TDP playing a crucial role, had an alliance with NDA in the 2004 elections...but today it blames NDa govt for its loss in AP and ties up with the LEFT, TRS and others. Another example here is....TRS had an alliance with the Congress in the 2004 elections in AP coz it was decieved by YSR"s govt....Now the same party is compelled to tie-up with the 3rd front.
Another Ex:- Praja Rajyam- a cleverly named political party intimating populism has been a big splash in the shortest possible time. It came out with policies in its agenda like "fight political corruption", "support the downtrodden" and "social justice". But hasn't it played a role in minting money for giving its candidates seats in the 2009 elections?? Infact, its just like another political party that has come out for a political gamble and gamebol. As Chiranjeevi's rapacious and arduous efforts of being AP's Obama( a weapon of mass seduction propogating" CHANGE") have has led to the party's self-destruction turning out to be an impediment to other parties in state.
Be it SP's ban on english throughout the country or Be it BSP's Mayawati wanting an IAS offcier to feed her a piece of cake on her birthday or gunning him down for not gifting her something for her birthday.....There is not even a sign from politicians to think about the country and its development than to think of Name, Power and Paisa!!! 
Take LOKSATTA for example:- Can Jayaprakash Narayan be the only one to make a difference in the country unless he becomes the next "GANDHI"(*Bapu*)?? ohh...Gandhigiri in these days?? People prefer "Dadagiri" to gandhigiri....isn't it?? A party like this has come up to go against caste politics, Vote-bank politics and to set an example as one to clear all the evils prevailing in the present situation. But the truth is....How many among us would vote for such a party that fights against political corruption n other evils?? (( When people would vote for such a could set an example for people wanting the most cliched word"CHANGE"- i.e. born out of passions and impatience of a man....But seems like Indians are too patient everywhere...even when it comes to ruining their future in such sexed out parties' hands)).

Politicians have become uncouth, unkempt, fiendish and voraciously- barbarianed plutocrats acting like juggernauts of people's problems and trying to bait one another to clamp power.

Why is it that a common person like me cannot do anything to change the system other than just "VOTE"? Why is it that i have no other way to express my impatience towards the unjust governance... only in this way??.........They say YOUTH could turn out to be the most rebellious and vanguarding weapon a country could have and face....but How many among today's youth are concerned about the country.?? ...ok leave the country...about their own state, city or village??? may be a handful of them...who cannot make a difference even by voting....but y??
Think think.....and ?? Keep thinking....
This is just another kind of RHETORIC which leads you to a chain of RHETORICS....And the final result is yet to be a "khichdi" whose ingredients are open to guesswork!!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Do I Care???

  • Do YOU even care if someone's fighting for life having met with an accicent??
  • Do YOU even care if anybody rapes a girl in public??
  • Do YOU atleast make efforts to save a dog's life by just not thinking " ohh.....its just a dog...dats okay" ??
  • Do YOU even bother to cast your vote ,knowing your vote could make a difference??
  • Do YOU even think about the bomb blast, a month later it has rocked your city...after the media stops hyping up the issue???
  • Do YOU even know what's happening around you when yor are talking on the fone???
  • Do YOU even know or have you even heard about"THE LEAD INDIA" campaign?? (Ans:- No...**sarcasm**)
  • Do YOU even bother to ask a bill after You have bought something??
  • Do YOU even think of the country and its future??
  • Do YOU even care if Shahrukh khan announces his IPL team members?? (Ans:-Yesss...**sarcasm**)
  • Do YOU even know about who is voted out on ROADIES or SPLITSVILLA?? (Ans:- Yess again!!)
This is the type of attitude among most of us today( not ALL)...the so called "CHALTA HAIN" attitude . I guess its high time that people should stop being so careless n reluctant about their country. REACT, REBEL and RE-LIVE!!!
It's YOUR's about your people......and finally its about   "YOU"  !!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Criminal Politics!

They say "ALL IS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR". Love here is for money, power and oneself and WAR against eachother. 
Today's politics stands as an umbrella to crime. Politics and crime go hand in hand or rather they are one and the same...ain't it?? Infact politics stands as a pachydermy supporting crime.
Today, it is much easier for a criminal to become a politician. Such is the petulant plight of a common man, who might want to become a politician but such pests like CRIME infect the atmosphere.
Politicians are better known today for their criminal background and even politicial parties do no less to them in giving importance to such imperious people. Politics is unswerving from its path and laying roads to evils like CRIME. 
Situation today: The greater the no.of cases booked on a person for committing crime...but once that person becomes a politician all those just disappear. People treat that person as a demigod forgetting such perilous things the so called "CRIMINAL-POLITICIAN" has done. 

Where does the fault lie? Who do we think is responsible? People or Politicians? or Both??
The fault lies in the system of governance and how problems within this system are dealt. Once there would be a change in the system...we can expect better results. But when??

WAKE UP..People!!! Caste your Vote to the RIGHT person and not a Criminal -politician.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Gyaan Giver is what i call him...
he says he wants to hit the gym
not for 8 pack nor for 6 pack
but just to get back on track...

I make him smile
just for a while
but he carries it off 
with style all the while...

Women are diamonds to him
with enthusiasm filled to the brim
one of them being his mom
who he is glued to like the gum...

He could be a spoilt brat
but a silent cat
and if you act mad
he would knock you off
with a cricket bat...

He is sweet , he is hot
he could be all that 
you do not want...

He is a package of joy and happiness
but loves to stay in the darkness
I hope to bring you into the light
and promise, you would not go outta my sight!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Small things make me HAPPY!! :):)

  • Have you ever given chocolates to roadside kids
  •  and then seen happiness on their face??
  • The joy of going back to the swings and swinging as high as possible.
  • Mom shouting at you for not doing the work you should be doing.
  • Dad's pat at your back when you do something good.
  • Always fighting with my brother for stealing my BOURBON biscuit packet.
  • An unexpected call  on your birthday from your friend who hasn't been in contact with you for long .
  • A smile from a stranger as a sigh of relaxation in the crowd.
  • A hug from my best friend when i'm low.
  • Playing with kids gives me joy.
  • Eating chicken 24x7.
  • Meeting my doctor(my saviour) every month at Apollo.
  • Smile from my best friend as sson as i enter college.
  • A hug from Aishu n Nidhi everyday.
  • A smile from Aswathi.
  • Listening to Noel all the while and pretending to ignore him.
  • Suman could give me more n more happiness everytime i see her.
  • A call from Mr.Cyanide once in a while.
  • Mom's unforgettable comedy at home that makes all of us laugh our butts out.
  • Going out with family for dinner.
  • Watching dad imitate mom.
  • Bro's results in academics makes me more happier.
  • Ciny mam in college saving our ass  in every situation.
  • Silky calling me "TEJAAAASSSSSSSWINI".
  • Akki and Dipti's wants of going to zoo and listening to deeps say" bestest buddy in the whole world".
  • Naren Reddy calling me Tej Mahal.
  • CHAMP calling me "TEJA" n speaking for long on fone n tempting me about that yummy chicken leg piece.
  • I love being busy with work.
  • Writing makes me happier.
  • I would love to take up responsibilties.
  • Organising events makes me happier.
  • Eating Chicken every second of my life is a joy....( unless u dont steal it from me...otherwise i'd be a monster and curse you for the rest of your life)
  • Praying to God for everyone in this world.
  • Surprise gifts from friends.
  • Saving a stranger's life in a emergency situation( by calling 108)
  • Playing any kind of sport is a joy.
  • Working out at the GYM is fun.
  • Dancing for "THEEN MAAR" is so much fun.
  • Speaking in hyderabadi hindi makes me happy.
  • Shopping with friends and walking a long way , acting mad on the road, clicking pics on the road, getting into a running bus, running back to the bus stop for having lost your money and for finding it again,eating CHAT together,eating chocobar together, putting your head out of the bus 's window for fresh air .
  •  Going triples on the bike when Suman is riding.
  • Meeting my school teachers after a really long time.
  • Sitting at the back of the share auto and cracking jokes on people looking at us.
  • Confusing people on the road.(especially old people in the morning while going to office)
There might be lot more....but for now...this is it!!! :):)

Thursday, January 29, 2009


How painful is this unknown pain,
that binds me like a chain,

The pain from which i wanna refrain,
is all that i wanna gain...

I wish there was magic done by David Blaine,
that would not leave me in vain,

But, all i still have is only pain,
that would hurt me again n again...

I wish the rain would drain away my pain,
without leaving a single stain of pain,
that would make me happily walk down the lane!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Unspoken...

I love everything about u
And I love u the most

I love the way u smile
And the way u dry
my tears when I cry

I love the way u let me listen
To your heart beat

I love the way u hurt me
And always come back
To say please forgive me

I love u for being
Who u r in front of me

And for not trying
To impress me

I love every word u say
And I love u in every way

I love u
Not because u love me too
But, you are everything to me.....!!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

jus a POEM...

So much to say, so much to feel,
my heart skips a beat in that zeal,
i fall short of words to say how much i love you,
and all that i want is only you,
my heart beats faster when you are around,
i wish we could transform this love into a life time bond,
my feelings so real, so fresh....
But when you look into my eyes,
i feel i'm on top of the world,
and no less than gold.....

There's a lot to listen, a lot to share,
baby i would say i just care,
But i can see you suffer in pain,
and can't leev you in vain....

You push me away,
But i come back to you in your way,
just to say i'm there for you,
jus to listen to all that you have to say...

Baby you mean a lot to me,
you have always been a wonder to me,
You feel you have expressed your love,
So intimate, so romantic.....
But the very next moment
you killed that hope of being loved...

How would you expect me to hope for it,
Ohh...Baby just say it,
A feeling that ends never
And Be mine forever!!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Standing seatless in a fully crowded bus, bent to one side on the road,seems like its would crush the two wheelers on the leftside....people popping outta d bus from the windows n doors...the conductor leans onto you , you gotta search for money in your bag in such a mess....arrgggggggggg!!! he stamps your foot...the lady beside you pushes you to the left, old lady looks at your state and chuckles...the guy behind you tries to touch you somehow, the woman infront of you pushes you with that stiprd-torn rugged bag of hers..another amma grumbling and quarelling with a lady on my right, the lady giving a strong fight to amma in the battle of words..a baby crying..smaal boy shouting for his mom who is somewhere in the front...a young girl looking at herslef into the mirror...another lady holding onto the rod and footboarding...a corporate college girl with her heavy luggage oocupying 3 people's space...two men trying to get into the bus from ladies' side...a woman shouting at those men.. another woman's hand hitting your head.. a kid holding you for trying to feel some fresh air in such a situation..another working woman stinking of sweat(baahhhh)...the driver applies a break...people without support fall on have to bear all their weight..young girl speaking to her boyfriend on the mobile..another girl texting her friends..uncle shouting at the conductor for not giving change( these conductors are biggg dongas :P:P)..students of corporate college discuss the pattern of EAMCET paper...old man frustated coz of the crowd...middle-aged man holding polyethene bags n struggling for support..physically handicapped person asking for seat...girls at the front feeling happy n shy assuming the guys are looking at them...heheheeh...!! another woman's change falls...the sound of the coin rolling...the woman bending to search,occupying more space for her arse...besides all this the traffic jam till one km..sounds of the horn of different vehicles annoying you a little more, you get a little more crushed n stink a little more coz of the crowd...feeling a little more breathless and finally there comes your stop.
Amidst all this-you have to get down the bus, pushing, kicking and using all sorts of tactics n force to get outta such a fully loaded bus.
That's such a pain...baaahhhh!!! No wonder travelling in crowded buses is a PATIENCE TEST.
Each one of you have to experience this atleast's fun!! :):):) n you will have fun!!!

The Good ,Bad and Ugly- A FLASHBACK!!!

2008 was a mix of the good ,bad and ugly...ain't it??
  • The Amarnath land issue that led to the crisis in J&K.
  • Ohh!! how can we forget the IPL(karamyudhh!!:P:P) and the bootilicious cheerleaders who were vulnerable to criticism by politicians!!!(remember the cheerleaders of DECCAN CHARGERS had a seperate costume compared to those of the other teams...ahahha!!! do not expose...babe!!...wink wink*).Rajasthan Royals win the IPL!!!
  • The Olympics- India won 3 gold and two!!! when will the number go up?? lets wait n watch!!
  • Marriot attacked in Pakistan.
  • Aussies dethroned by our very own" INDIAN BOYS"
  • The cash-for-vote scamp.
  • Indian students murdered abroad..sad but true!! :(:(
  • Weren't we happy to watch JAANE TU YA JAANE NA?? n hum "kabhi kabhi aditi ..." all the while...Rats n meoww!! lolzz!!
  • How can you forget UEFA champions league 2008?? ManU wins!! :):)
  • Saina Nehwal- the upcoming badminton player.
  • Collapse of PANJAGUTTA FLYOVER...!! can't help it...Congress government.
  • Jodhaa Akbar brought back the history to us....The MOGHUL EMPIRE in India(Akbar's reign)
  • Barack Obama's historic win in the U.S.A presidential elections with his slogan" the change we believe in"
  • Inflation created major crisis...with price rise
  • The launch of VIRGIN mobile in India
  • Long awaited I-phone
  • The Orissa and Karnataka protests against christian communities.
  • The INDO-U.S nuclear deal.
  • Aarushi talwar's case-a mystery still.
  • The protests in Mumbai caused by MNS( Maharashtra Navnirman Sena)
  • Terror strikes 6 cities- Delhi,Jaipur,Bangalore,Ahemdabad, Assam and Mumbai
  • No-confidence motion passed by the members of the Parliament
  • The Global Economic metldown that had an impact on the world economy as a whole.
  • Parvathi Omnakuttan wins the title for Miss world 1st runner up.
  • TATA's Singur project withdrawn.
  • Benazir Bhutto killed..Zardari becomes Pakistan president, Gen Musharaff steps down through impeachment process.
  • War on Iraq continues
  • Somali pirates -Gulf of Aden
  • The murder of Julakanti Srinivasa Reddy, alias Moddu Seenu- the man accused of pumping bullets into Paritala Ravindra(TDP MLA from anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh)
  • "Indian Mujahideen" -cause for the blasts in the nation
  • "HINDU TERROR" branded by media- malegaon blasts probe
  • 26/11 attack- a wake up call to the citizens to fight against terrorism.
  • Chief Minister Vilas rao Deshmukh of Mahrasthra resigns, Ashok chavan sworn in as new CM.
  • Home minister Shivraj patil resigns, P.Chidambaran sworn in as new Home minister.
  • A salute to The NSG commandoes for having given a tough fight to the terrorists.
  • SATYAM - in danger.
  • Sheik Hasina's win in Bangladesh.
This was all that we could picture in our minds about 2008..n yeah u can add to this post if i have missed out any points...!!!...Bye bye 2008!!
WELCOME 2009...hope you all have a wonderful, peaceful, colourful and a prosperous New year!! :):):):)