Wednesday, August 19, 2009

HUMANTIY....Our Religion???

In a world where there are conflicts over caste, race, gender, politics, religion and several other issues, I wonder if there is something called "Humanity" alive in human beings today.
I was waiting for a bus at secunderabad station and passed by an old man wearing rugged and torn clothes, holding a stick, leaning against a "PAN"-spat wall. There was a small tumbler beside him where i could see few coins in it. He wasn't begging shouting "ammmaaaa ayyyyaaaaa baabbuuuuu" or something. All he was doing is just sitting and looking at people who are busy running to get into those crowded buses. There was all chaos and i was waiitng to see if atleast one person from the crowd bothered to look at him or even smile at him. But none turned up....that was when i just reliased about how people run after money or materialistic pleasures in this so called "Technologically adavanced" world ...that they don't care even if their negihbour dies on the road.
They talk about U.S's technology, India developing , On Indian Politics and lecture people or give lengthy speeches on such things, but they dont go beyond that. They limit themselves to speeches n lectures and their concern remains only till the end of their speech......after that "tata- bye bye"!! Duhh!!!
Ok.....Now consider this - If we see a dog mourning in pain on road, How many of us would rush to the spot to save the dog? by not thinking...."ohhh c'mon.. It's just a dog"!! Why is it that we forget that even dog has something called "LIFE"!!! This single example is enough to show how "HUMANE" you are.
Similarly, if anyone among the crowd bothered to go talk to the old man or smiled at him, that would have made his meals for the day.
We all talk n shout about "MY Religion" has taught me this , my religion has taught me that.....But "YOUR" religion doesn't teach you how to pray to only one god or discriminate people by the way they look, talk, act or anything...But every religion teaches about how to live with one another happily and peacefully in life....And That is called "HUMANITY"!!

No wonder someone once said...."Humans are the worst creatures living on the earth". Social animals are turning into wild animals due to Ego, status, impatience,violence and what not.....
Now you question yourself about...."HOW HUMANE ARE YOU??"
( Don't u think there shud b a facebook quiz on this... lolzz :P:P)