Saturday, December 27, 2008

To NMC....

Have you ever heard of sound greater than 10,000 decibels coming outta a single class?? If no, then u gotta know what that is all about....its the NMC that produces that much of sound!!!
  • Have u heard Aishu talk about anything that comes to her head n blast ur ass of??
  • Have you seen Akhila asking too many doubts that would actually brainwash your head??
  • Have you seen Dipika selling her products(fiama DI WILLS, etc) in class n talking about POPCORN??
  • Have you seen Deepika Ecka mostly in class??
  • Have you heard Dipthi say " c'mon CHARLIE"??
  • Have you seen Sumanaska messaging on fone??
  • Have you heard Liya speak loudly in class when therz a lecture going on??
  • Have you heard Brinda speaking anything that comes to her head in between the class??
  • Have you heard Manaswini sing anytime?
  • Have you seen Teju running for permissions n being buzy all the tym as ACR??
  • Have you seen Priyanaka shout on lecturers in frustation?
  • Have you seen Rachel sleep in class??
  • Have you Heard stories about Asha being a Zee Telugu newsreader??
  • Have you seen Rubeena's foot size?
  • Have you heard of Silky being the topper??
  • Have you heard of different kinds of sounds when Nidhi is around??
  • Have you seen Suman sleeping at hostel n saying headache??
  • Have you seen Sushma's eyes opened fully anytime?
  • Have you realized how innocent is Jaya?
  • Have you seen Mahesh fiddle with all his pics on MAYA n talk about animation??
  • Have you heard Angelo say that he doesn't study for xamz when he actually does??
  • Have you seen Huzefa's underwear on his budday??
  • Have you seen Arun come on time to college??
  • Have you seen Prashant's ''Theen maar" dance during the karimnagar trip??
  • Have you seen Rajesh talking about the "UNIVERSITY"??
  • Have you seen Kaushik with his i-pod in class??
  • Have you seen Kalyan work on photoshop n other designing softwares??
  • Have you heard of Kumail talking in apna Hyderabadi hindi yaaro??
  • Have you seen or heard Awma play guitar??
  • Have you seen those cigarette marks on Bharat's hand??
  • Have you seen Vicky's animation??
  • Have you seen Noel fiddling with all the systems in the studio inserting his pendrive??
  • Have you heard of Ashish speak about himslef n his deeds in helping tose unnamed social organisations?
  • Have you seen Nithyanand dance??
  • Have you seen Rahul dozing in front of lecturers??
  • Have you heard Raj speak of his DOG that has a multi-personality disorder??
  • Have you seen Mitchell play guitar n keyboard??
  • Have you seen the collection of movies Suren has at home??
  • Have you seen Kiran giving the craziest answers to lecturers??
  • Have you seen Shamim with his laptop in class??
  • Have you seen Shayne with his kids wear??
  • Have you seen Smajish brother talking to all the malyali girls in the college??
  • Have you seen Prashant reddy play volleyball??
  • Have you seen Titus with camera??
  • Have you heard of Mohan reddy's episode??
  • Have you heard of Anil chanting "OM" in class??
  • Have you heard Anand warning pavvi??
  • Have you gone for a drive in Naren's scorpio??
  • Have you seen Aswathi act??
  • Have you heard Mona whisper into your ears??
  • Have you seen Divya's hair??
  • Have you seen Neha's tension during examz??
  • Have you heard of Chris singing "Sutta"??
  • Have you heard of Pavithra mocking every lecturer??
  • Have you seen Mahayar's torn pants??
  • Have you seen Robert awake in class anytime??
  • Have you seen the expression on Basha sir's face when he says "WOKAY"??
  • Have you heard of Akhila's PJ's??
  • Have you seen the joy of Nidhi n Teju wanting to be in the same group for Editing??
  • Have you seen Suman n Nithya's salsa??
  • Have you seen Akhila n nidhi craving for food??
  • Have you seen NMC guys' underwear coz of low-waist pants??
  • Have you seen Sumanaska being clueless about what's going on in class??
  • Have you seen Ciny ma'am's smile when u ask her to smile??
  • Have you heard Raj speak of Sudeep all the time??
  • Did your kurta ever tear coz of those chairs??
  • Have you seen Sushma dance on "dhoom taana" of OSO??
  • Have you seen the powder that flew off aishu's head when she was playing "BAA"??
  • Have you heard of apna NMC song "Darling open the door"??
  • Have you seen how delicious MAMA-MIYA BIRYANI looked??
  • Have you heard of Chris's peoms??
  • Have you seen Kalyan swinging left n right in front of you and saying "WE KNOW"??
  • Have you heard of Aswathi saying "CHAK-DE" n punching you??
  • Have you heard of NOEL speak about girls having awesome hair??
  • Have you heard of Titus saying "SPIDER MAN 3"??
  • Have you seen Dipika arguing with anyone in class??
  • Have you seen Kiran's interview on MAA music??
  • Have you heard Naren talk about his dad??
  • Have you seen Pavithra saying MASS COMM rocks for every possible reason??
  • Have you heard of Huzefa's wierdest comparisons??
  • Have you seen how we managed to pull off "AWAAZ" (wink wink*)??
  • ohh...therz another thing...THE most memorable WALK-OUT from St.Mary's,yusufguda which created a history in LOYOLA. We were all so proud of ourselves that day....eheheheh!!!! that was possible only coz of NMC....yaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy....!!! WE ROCK!!!!
  • n n n ....lots more everyday!!!!
If you haven't seen all of this....YOU have missed something that adds zest to your life!!! Yeah.....proud to be part of NMC...!!!! lovyaa guys mahnnn!!!!muaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


He said there's no one for him,
He said he is all alone,
He said he is hurt,
He said no one understands him,
He said he is badly played by his fate,
he said he is surviving and not living...
But, She is the one who listens to him so patiently,
She is the one who loves him like crazy,
She is the one who craves for him every second of her life,
She cries deep within to share his pain,
She could die for him,
She would never give up her hopes of having him,
She prays for him,
She loves to love him,
She is scared to lose him...

He knows what she is,
He knows how madly she loves him,
He knows that she would never give up her hope of having him,
He knows how loyal she is to him,
He knows she would die for him,
He knows how she had hurt him,
He knows how he left her all alone mid-way,
He knows how the feeling of missing her in life is,
He knows how she hates his anger but accpets it,
He knows how she respects him,
He knows how patient she is towards him,
He knew that she was the only one with who
he shared the deepest secrets of his life,
He knew she was not important but 'special' to him,
He knew she denied to love anyone except him,
He knew she would remain single without him,
He knew she was the one he wanted in his life,
He knew she was his choice,
He knew her feelings towards him,
He knew she had never thought of anyone except him,
He knew her goals, her friends,
He knew that he was her strength and weakness,
He knew how she cares for him,
He knew he could pour life into her,
He knew every single bit of her,
He knew that her attraction became her addiction,
He knew all she desired was nothing but him,
Lastly, He knew he had loved her but never told her.

She accepted her mistakes,
She went through the pain,
She was happy to know all his secrets,
But...When he told ther's no one for him....She wondered, she cried, she mourned in pain deep inside her heart, she looked at herself, she laughed. But, she didn't know he had loved her too.
When he said he had no hope to live but to survive- She wiped out that feeling from his head and has shown him a way to live his life. She hasn't shown him how beautiful life is, but helped him get out of that trauma he was going through all the while. He had asked her once"if only she ran away with him without anything with them,how would she manage to live with him?? n Her answer was" I would work for you and earn" n then He said"Would someone ever miss a girl like you?" She smiled and said to herself " But, i would never wanna miss you"...that she never spoke out. He told her"u can take me for granted in anyway", She gazed at him,she kept staring ...but smiled and said "I LOVE U" :):)
He thought he had expressed his love for her in many ways everytime he was with her,but she didn't even dream of him loving her because he was going through such a painful situation coz of which she would not want him to suffer for any reason in his life and in such a situation she wouldn't take any advantage ...instead protect him and assure him that she would remain his girl for the rest of her life!!!

From then he lived on... and she hopes for the best in future.( She would be the happiest person alive if he accepts her love and both would be together thereafter)
She still loves him and would keep loving him for her entire life.
It's Their Story