Thursday, January 21, 2010

Seriously a WATCHDOG?

What is it with the Electronic Media today? Lots of speculation, sensationalizing, surreptitious coverage,bias and lots of unnecessary things aired. Swine Flu pandemic was prevalent until the media focussed its attention on it?? Similarly, the Copenhagen summit....The much hyped up issue about the nations across the world coming together to discuss about the climate change and Global warming?? (Nothing Said and Nothing Done...except for BASIC that opposed U.S's decision), then comes the burning current issue about the seperate Telgana State. Entire drama starting in December by TRS activists, then KCR's fast-unto death, followed by many MP's and MLA's resigning, Lagadapati's chase from Vijaywada to Hyderabad NIMS hospital, including the Bandhs and Blockades (which are no more in public interest), the crucial meeting on Jan 5th with the central Govt, OU students agitations, cases of Self-immolation, etc etc. Amid all this confusion, there were telugu media channels that went onto flash news about Reliance having connection with our Late CM, Mr. YSR's death. This led to vandalising Reliance offices and stores in the City by furious YSR's fans. (These Media Channels have done it assuming it would bring them TRP's but it was a case reversal where the Input Editor and Senior editor of a Media channel were arrested amidst high drama) Also : The website "EXILE" that has stated this issue about YSR's death was a banned one...and the TV channels did not bother to look into such crucial matters to verify if the information was true or false?
Question 1 : Being the WATCHDOG of society, Media doesn't verify the information?
Question 2 : Why do certain issues last in our minds only till the media talks about it? (Watch today ..Forget tomorrow??) Is that the way we see things today??
Question 3 : Why dont people care about what's happening with our country??
Question 4 : Why does Media have to be biased while communicating information to the masses?
Question 5 : Why should every political party have a media channel or a newspaper organisation?? (For its own publicity?? )
Question 6 : (In Andhra Pradesh) Why do media channels have no other news except for repeat telecast of death, accidents and news about whichever political party it supports??
Question 7 : Why is media hindering people's privacy? And there are many more endless questions like this one could think off.

For Example : Consider the Hiati earthquake that has left millions hungry, homeless and in languishing conditions. Has the media concentrated on that issue? NO. Now,Consider the floods in India ( Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, etc) people came forward to help the victims, donate whatever they could and eventually as media's attention shifted to something else, our weak minds also forgot about the entire chapter of floods. Isn't it??
Another Ex : Sakshi Tv, Tv9, Tv5 etc the Congress party while Etv, Etv2 support the Telugu Desam Party. News Channels and Newspapers are used as tools for publicizing a particular political party's ideology. Similarly, The Telangana Bandhs have lost their charm lacking masses interest. Telangana supporters have restored tents at significant centers in various districts but nothing happens for FREE...Isn't it?? Ladies are given Rs.250 for shouting slogans and sitting under the tent while men are paid a little less i.e. Rs.150 add to it...they are given a Biryani packet + a Liquor bottle (like incentives). These people have 100 % attendance only when they see a "Cameraperson" around them with the most "Powerful"tool i.e. Camera that captured them live and as usual they pretend to be fasting or even die for Telangana by having bananas behind the tent. Ohhh this is what Lagadapati Rajagopal called "Modern Fast" When KCR was on Iv and still was fasting. He then broke his fast by sipping lemon juice?? (Do u know that any human being can survive if he/she is on Iv). Modern fast also includes snacks like bananas and chat during their fast period from 11a.m to 5 p.m?? And who knows....before 11 a.m or after 5p.m what they eat????
And...Why do we care if an actor renewed his license? that's shown in the HEADLINES of a prime time news bulletin. Or if Shahrukh Khan is detained at the U.S airport ? Why does media have to hype the issue? Why does an Indian have the feeling that he/she has to be treated like GOD all over the world?? The new trend of film stars attend a common man's marriage and become the "STAR" for the show...they demand money depending on how long they are asked to stay?? Same is the case with much hyped game in India - CRICKET. In India, cricket is almost like a religion while other sports are not even given importance as it. Hockey is the national game of India for namesake?? No funds provided by the govt, no encouragement even if they win the WORLD CUP....But if that is cricket and Sachin creating a record....That will become the news of the day, week and month....played repeatedly all day long.Is this what we get from NEWS???
On the other hand, Media also highlights issues for public's good... like Jessica Lall's murder, Ruchika's case, etc. But certain TV channels have crime shows that have anchors themselves looking like criminals....and the whole presentation of the Anchor is in such a way that, he would want to kill the viewer by the very words of his. WEIRD??? ohhh....No...!!! Infact, it scares people, shows how a crime is committed, how a person should be killed, how the body should be dumped in an isolated place, how to pour acid on a girl's face due to love rejection??? etc etc....These programs have more negative effects than positive. There has been a lot of debate over how the information on the electronic media is to be controlled. Media Experts say that everything that goes on-air has to be censored or checked. Media channels should have something like the gatekeepers that filter information so that the right information reaches the masses.

On the other hand, Comparitively, print media have much filtered and controlled information than that of the electronic media. Though print media also publishes biased information, there is some amount of credibility in it. People find print media more acceptable and easily accessible than that of electronic media. Thus, both have their pros and cons....But on the Whole, MEDIA as a Watchdog of Society has failed "somewhere" to do its duty and Press as the fourth estate (according to the Indian Constituion) has lost its credibility to a certain extent due to bias and dishonest information.
Another striking point is, Journalists themselves being corrupt and delivering biased or wrong information (instead of giving the right information). IF such is the situation of today's society, then where would the right information come from???

NOTE: My point is not to declare that media has been delivering wrong information throughout or has been biased entirely. I'm talking about the WRONGS happening....and they have to be rectified.

So is media the Real WATCHDOG of the society?? ASk yourselves......