Saturday, November 14, 2009

Our only home.....

"First impression is the best impression" and that's what people say. Ohhh....I'm not talking about how best you look on your date or how sexily you've dressed up to go to the prom or win the title of a homecoming queen...But would you ever wanna give a clueless expression in a party and feel outta place? Or may b wear a "footy" jersey to a royal ball?? Or would you give a look at the surroundings..atleast once?? I know, I know...Now you'd just say why would I give a damn to the surroundings...OR would you? Just have food, party hard, rock the dance floor, litter the place...that is all we gotta do.
Why are we so careless about our surroundings (I mean in all ways)? We use plastic bags, we are the cause for alarming emission rates of greenhouse gases and other poisonous gases, we pollute the water by releasing chemicals from industries into the nearby lake, We cut down trees, We exploit natural resources, we do not conserve energy, we use appliances that emit "CFC's, Population explosion.....and what not!!! Did you know that " WE ARE HALF-A-CENTURY AWAY FROM BEING ECOLOGICALLY AND ECONOMICALLY BANKRUPT BECAUSE OF GLOBAL WARMING??......SAVE EARTH - OUR ONLY HOME " (Unless NASA discovers another planet similar to earth and also people who are just like Us :P)
May be if we could do our part in protecting the would remain a great help for the generations to come and for them to live longer (Without Acid rains or Skin cancer due to exposure to U.V rays through the Ozone holes in the Ozone layer of the stratosphere).

Here are some things you could least do:
  • Use paper bags.
  • Do not throw away trash on roads or public places. (There's always a dustbin asking you to "USE ME").
  • Walk or use cycle to travel to nearby places. (Would be good for health too)
  • Use paper bags, plates and disposable stuff when you go for picnics or outing.
  • Stop smoking (You are polluting the environment as well as "YOURSELF and others too - through passive smoking")
  • After you return from your outing, dump the trash into your trash can . Else you gotta bear the stench (:P).